International Remittance Advice is a blog about the evolution in the way that money is exchanged worldwide. Not only am I presenting innovative ways to save on fees to transfer abroad but I’m actively studying and sharing the evolution in money brought the societal integration of the internet. First, people started by sharing information, eventually they will be sharing and trading actual real life value through a virtual peer to peer economy.

The internet is a disruptive technology in the sense it’s changing the way we live on an unprecedented scale. The technological revolution in now less than a full generation old and seen in same light as say, the industrial revolution, is a considerably young paradigm. We are only now scratching the surface on how crowd sourcing can effect trade. Communication was the first channel that benefited from the crowd sourcing activities of the world wide web. People could now access information like never before and it’s sparked everything from new industries to entire revolutions. Decentralization has been a important trend of the last decade because people are starting to better communicate on large scales. One sector that hes yet really significantly begin to decentralize in the financial sector. Much of the global financial landscape is dominated by conglomerate and multinational institutions. These are mammoth institutions. Money transfer and any sort of remittance has fully required intermediaries over the last 100 year but because infrastructure and channels of communication have opened, new opportunities have emerged in the financial sector allowing for new companies, organizations and systems to usher in a new economic paradigm.

I realize that money transfer is one important aspect to our economic system and also, that it requires revision with our new world. I blog about money transfer because it’s growing opportunity for new value to be unleashed and established and I want to help people navigate that. Both new businesses and consumers can benefit on current information on how to navigate our even changing and evolving global financial environment.